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Preview: Stout Blowout/Small Bar

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Here in Chicago, winter months are meant for drinking a beer that’ll stick to your ribs. A tall pint of stout as dark as the 5pm sky and a head of chocolate frosting foam will nourish the heart and warm the soul against biting winds and seasonal captivity. Small Bar on Division is getting a jump on welcoming winter’s tonic with a Stout Blowout—an event featuring more than a dozen different thick and frothy brews. Come and taste what the local favorites have in the roasted malt variety, like Hell’s Black Intelligencer from Three Floyds in nearby Munster, Indiana, or Grumpess from Solemn Oath in Naperville. Other kegs hail from nearby Michigan and Kentucky, while one has traveled all the way from Copenhagen. There will be a few highly sought after limited-release stouts from both New Belgium and Goose Island. The tapping is free while pints are going for $8 or less. If you wish to make a date out of it the staff will be more than happy to offer pairing suggestions with their dinner menu. (Jessica Burg)

November 20 at Small Bar Division, 2049 West Division, (773)772-2727, 6pm, free.

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