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Tastings: 1800 Select Silver Tequila

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1800-tequilaThe Product: 1800 Select Silver Tequila

The Premise:
A double-distilled 100 Proof, one hundred percent Agave tequilla, blended with a bit of aged tequila to give a “velvety, smooth taste.”

The Tasters and Their Qualifications:
Emily (works at a nursing home, so drinks a lot), Megan (can’t stop drinking), Marcus (“I don’t drink swill, even if it’s free”), Lenny (“I don’t like being sober, I don’t like my life”), Phil (almost finished the “Century Club” once), Tom (“Booze has no memory, and neither do I”)
Total years of legal drinking: 30

The Packaging: A sleek and, some could say, sexily silver take on a liquor that doesn’t immediately conjure images of sipping at rooftop club (more swigging while hitchhiking through Mexico) Read the rest of this entry »